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Association of Procurement Professionals of Armenia

Services for Suppliers


  • E-mail notifications about tenders' announcements of public and private sectors in all procedures, which are related to your activity sphere
  • Professional consultancy
  • Registration in the Public Procurement System


  • Appraisal of the qualification criteria set out in the invitation to tender.
  • Preparation of bids for participation in tenders.
  • Submission of bids for participation (in paper and electronic form)
  • Preparation of documents required from the bidder ranked the first in the competition process.


  • Representation of the supplier's interests in the bids opening, evaluating and results summarizing session conducting by Evaluation Commission
  • Preparing of documents for lodging a complaint against the decisions and operations related to the procurement process
  • Representation of supplier's interests on Procurement Complaint Review Board
  • Representation of supplier's interests on all judicial instances

In case you're interested, as a first step you are required to subscribe to our notification service and daily check your e-mail. In our web-site there are various statements about public and private sectors’ tenders, which are classified by the spheres of their activities. As well as we are doing calculation of deadlines of bids' submissions.

If the statements published on website, conform to your chosen field, you’ll receive a notification by e-mail and it will include all the statements with their deadlines, in which you are interested.

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